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We are a cut flower farm specializing in dahlias, tulips, sunflowers, ornamental pumpkins and more! We are committed to sustainable, organic gardening and protecting beneficial insects and microorganisms. We believe in land stewardship and are constantly evaluating how we can be better stewards of the grounds of our farm. We are working to create a thriving ecosystem.  This includes our chickens reducing food waste by eating scraps, and in turn providing us with excellent nutrient-packed manure to fertilize our garden. We utilize locally sourced compost to help us re-establish, replenish, and regenerate the old horse pasture into a luscious productive garden.


We sell direct to florists, wholesale, seasonal CSA, and DIY weddings.


Members of the Maryland Cut Flower Growers Association and the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers 

Our farm

Dave and Jami.heic

About us

Hi! We are Dave and Jami. 


After 10 remarkably busy years in the city, we were ready for new adventures. So, we bought a farm in the beautiful rolling hills of Frederick, MD in early 2022.

We dug in and just: started growing.  During our first year, we failed fabulously, learned lots, failed some more and learned some more.  It certainly wasn’t always easy, but it was always rewarding. This iterative approach allowed us to determine what thrives (and surely what does not) on our ground.  Ultimately, we decided it was time to share our love of flowers with the world and launch Two Hills Farm.

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